Help Buying A Car

Safer Buying Tip


Price Checking

We all want the highest possible value for the price of the car; therefore, if you find one with a much lower than average price, please take the time to verify the existence of the vehicle and the reason for the underpricing.


Contacting the Seller

You should always contact Seller/Dealer through our app or the phone first to ensure of the existence of the car, and to confirm that the details posted are correct.

You should not provide any personal details such as your identification number, driver license, and others to them.


Inspecting the Car

  1. - Make plan to meet with private seller at a public location such as shopping center car park
  2. - Always bring someone, preferably very good with car, with to meet the seller
  3. - Found something you like? And would like a further detail on the car? Kindly talk the seller/dealers for a detailed inspectionYou can book our trusted mechanics to perform road worthy inspection on behalf of you or have your local auto garage inspect the car

Buying the Car

Everything is great and ready? We all are very excited with prospect of getting our new car; therefore, to ensure that the smoothest transfer of vehicle ownership, we should prepare and practice the following:

  1. - Fill the transfer of owner ship request form provided by the Ministry of Public Work and Transportation Cambodia
  2. - Agree and create purchase & sale agreement
  3. - Bring along with the original Vehicle identification card
  4. - Official Identification card from both sellers/dealers and buyers
  5. - Bring Road worthy certificate provided by the Ministry of Public Work and Transportation
  6. - Both buyers and sellers need to go to the Ministry of Public Work and Transportation

For Further information, please visit The Ministry of Public Work and Transportation

Do not forget to have your breakfast or lunch before you go. The Ministry of Public Transportation of Cambodia aims to provide quick and the most efficient service, but there are so many of us.